1996 Party Wall

Specialist Party Wall Surveyors 

The Act provides a procedure whereby neighbours are notified and if there are concerns, party wall surveyors become involved. Either a surveyor is appointed by each party, or a single ‘agreed surveyor’ is appointed between parties.

We are able to provide a comprehensive party wall service, which includes:-

  • Reviewing proposals and advising building owners and adjoining owners of their rights and responsibilities
  • Liaising with other construction professionals and legal advisors on design and technical issues
  • Serving and responding to formal notices
  • Inspecting adjoining properties and preparing Schedules of Condition
  • Negotiating and agreeing party wall awards
  • Free guidance at any early stage without obligation

You can be assured that our party wall surveyors will enable building work to proceed legally and without unnecessary cost, delay or inconvenience, ensuring that the rights and duties of both parties are fully understood at all stages of the process.